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N n n nBetween 2000 and 2006, wildlife officials captured and removed more than 40 golden eagles from the Channel Islands off Southern California to protect the island fox. They also hired a company to kill 5,000 feral pigs on Santa Cruz in a controversial program to restore the island’s ecosystem. N n n nIn […]

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As iconic as the flowering dogwood is, other dogwoods do more for wildlife; namely, the alternate leaf dogwood and the shrubby gray and silky dogwoods. The standout tree species is the oak, for its caterpillar habitat (an amazing 557 species) and acorns for mammals and birds. Tallamy commends 11 oak species for our region, including […]

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Weekend Meteorologist: WHNT, a Tribune Broadcasting station, has an opening for a weekend canada goose Meteorologist to work in our Huntsville location. The Meteorologist will have experience reporting on severe weather and will be able to use a broad range of technology. This position will pitch, shoot and write weather related stories, and will utilize […]

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Smaller breeds, particularly the dwarf types, have a reputation for being feisty and playful, while the large buns are known for being laid back couch potatoes. There are really no hard and fast rules, though, as my sweetest bun was a tiny Netherland dwarf, and my biggest troublemaker was a large silver martin. My best […]

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That’s the advice that Hoyt Peckham, president of SmartFish Inc., offered to one of his fellow competitors last week at the Fish 2.0 competition at Stanford University in California. Think of it as a version of television’s Shark Tank but for the seafood industry. Competitors pitch a roomful of highly connected investors and venture capitalists. […]

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Why It Hot for You: Zloverin notes that if you being penetrated, you experience a type of orgasm that is different from your normal climaxes. Gives guy the opportunity to stimulate their P spot or prostate which can lead to a rippling orgasm through his body, she says. Another fun fact? According to Zloverin, […]

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This year’s theme is “BBQ the Bearcats.” Tuesday is “Tailgate Tuesday” with students wearing their favorite jersey and school pants. Wednesday will be “Luau Wednesday” with all things Hawaiian. “”BBQ Times 2 Thursday” will be Twin Day and Friday will be Spirit Day with homecoming shirts and jeans for those who purchased a homecoming shirt.. […]

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Devine believes Clinton and Obama should look to resolve this through the DNC long before they get ready to go to Denver. The challenge will be finding a solution that does not trample on the voters, particularly in Florida, where about 1.75 million Democrats turned out, but that also takes into consideration that the candidates […]