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Warren locks the doors, and when Dave Williams sets fire to the club, it causes a panic. The club patrons escape through a window, but Warren blames Porter for the fire. Porter is arrested and released on bail. It has been a family tradition as long as I can remember to think of and create […]

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He grew up around the Deep Ellum music scene, playing clubs in rock and R groups and eventually finding his place in the industry.To him, he doesn’t care to be known for being gay; his life, first and formest, is about performing and his music. As a performer, Lehman is heavily influenced by glam rock. […]

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Ie Tira wants k to switch stance or b for life gain/damage. Talim wants sidestep into that sweet wind Cannon. You can just choose to deny their preferred option. While I wouldn go so far as to say outright ban Gideon. I entertain the idea of banning him when you have 3 players. Because at […]

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I use them mostly as coffee cups yeti cups, but it’s not only one applying for them. Sometimes I put tasty candies or raisins there for my kids, sometimes I measure my ingredients when I cook yeti cups, sometimes I hold nuts in them yeti cups, etc. So there’re so many variants how to use […]

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Honey personal massager, I’d wait for the whole modeling thing because it’s tough and with your body changing so much at 13, you won’t have much luck with it anyway. Also most agencies will not even look at you if you’re under 5’8″ without the measurements of 34/24/34. Also you need to be 15 or […]

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