But it’s FUN, and based on some aspect of logic and reality

To a normally viewer who isn interested in such details in movies they will see Thanos overpower The Hulk, plain and simple. This would be amplified if they don have any history reading the comics. On the other hand someone who is interested in theories and analyzing movies will notice this right away, noting that […]

I want to order one online, but when I get the package I don

The cousin was the most interesting. She was young and married. Her husband had a mustache and drove one of those Snap on tools trucks around (I’m not sure why that seems significant, but it does). Slave market parental spanking, world wrestling, cheerleader rape. Spanking thumbnails extreme lesbian hogtied, gay boy spanking cheek pinching, bare […]

“In this election, no party had the guts to confuse the people

It’s sponsored by Australia’s foreign aid organization, AusAID, and like similar programs, it aims to get i Kiribati people jobs. Except KANI has one important difference: With most AusAID scholarships, students are trained and then required to return to their developing country, so they can help the place out. KANI, however, is training people in […]

And there is, thankfully, no mention of an energy drink tax

mccain criticizes obama on financing cheap canada goose uk Not surprisingly, he doesn’t rely on ratings. Instead, he would watch something himself before allowing his girls to see it. They were big fans of the Harry Potter books; they would wait for each movie to come out on video and then watch it in short […]

My hands, I never touched her breast or anything like that

Conventional wisdom from the so called experts tells the man to slow down and ask for stoppage time. This strategy works fine if you have a paramour that is patient and caring, but what about the rabid flush faced vixen begging for more on a one night stand? With her crying “harder!” and “don’t stop!” […]

The last thing they need is to stop and talk to these

Rodrigo Duterte used well, let’s just say a vulgarity something we’re not going to repeat precisely here on the program, referring to the president, warning him not to ask Duterte about an anti drug campaign that’s led to many, many deaths. The president decided not to meet with Duterte at all. But then what happened?. […]